Hondo Presents

Hondo Presents is a music production company  established in Austin, Texas. We  excel at bringing backyard bluegrass and a campfire consciousness to every event.  

Offering a streamlined group of professionals with over two decades of intensive experience in the music festival industry, which has shaped us into curators and connoisseurs of the homegrown music scene.  

We offer a superior sound team, seasoned stage crew,

on point security team, and a talented social media

marketing and promotion team.

Our mission is to support and promote Austin's incredible population of singer-song writers and to bring a free feeling, family loving environment to every single event. 

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About Hondo

Born as Michael Wade Crouch, in February of 1955, Hondo Crouch is a native Texas outlaw. Raised in Abilene, Texas, Hondo currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Sally, to whom he has been joyfully married since July of 2010.

He became Hondo Crouch in 2003, out of necessity, when along with three other Michaels, (Michael Bell, Michael Michaelson “M & M” Johnston, and Michael Adams) he served as one of the heads of security, for what would turn out to be a twelve year commitment on his part to managing the security needs of the Kerrville Folk Festival.

The name Michael simply could not be allowed in radio communications, as it required further description, leaving all radio-bound Michaels at risk of developing Kerr-names.

Hondo had the rare privilege of having his Kerr-name chosen by the matriarch of our Kerr-family, Nancy Lee Kennedy, who -having known his last name to be Crouch, and having seen him humbly, yet passionately, begin to give himself to the cause of our family’s security needs, saw in him the salt of the earth spirit of the self-proclaimed mayor of Luckenbach, Texas, John Russell “Hondo” Crouch.

Indeed this was a fitting namesake for her wisdom to discern, because ‘Everybody is Somebody’ to Hondo, who effortlessly embodies ‘A Texas State of Mind’.


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Our Mission Is To Empower Up & Coming Artist To Succeed!

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